Human Resources  Policy

To continue its development in accordance with its vision & mission under the same framework for long years, thanks to its modern, dynamic, team work oriented, well-trained and qualified labor.  

To keep on being one of the companies, preferred by career-targeting professionals, those who will appreciate our policy `to select a right person for a right job`, our `corporative structure` and `values, granted to employees`.. 

To evaluate our employees from point of educational level, capacity, success shown, supporting them from time to time, with necessary trainings and to promote them accordingly to administrative positions within our companies. 

To work in a long-term cooperation with Powerful, Clear, Cooperative, Modern, Strategic Decision Maker, Team Motivating LEADERS To create a peaceful and motivating environment for employees thanks to `labor health` and ` `security` policies in the company. 

To contribute to society with social responsibility projects (school construction, , tree planting, sponsoring to sport facilities, donations in case of disasters are made and internship opportunities are being offered to students ). 

To arrange company meetings, diners, trips and other social activities to encourage employees and increase their motivation.