Gercek Kozmetik, bringing together with  thousands of square meters of storage capacity, technological infrastructure and thousand of pallets are able to track their historical sales data and field point out. Inventory control, goods reception and check-out process in a step by step process on their own system can keep this information in order to live up to the delivery stage with barcode system.

Thanks to our warehouse capacity being more than 3.500 m2, goods are accepted at contemporary methods and customer orders are prepared with the help of handheld barcode scanners and addressing system, products are collected from shelves at shortest time with minimum accurate and mistake made.

Due to our warehouse policy based on periodical analysis of previous sales, together with high storage capacity and technological structure, Gercek Kozmetik is able to provide customers with products ordered at nearly %100 level.

The content of the product that is distributed, the packaging structure and the manufacturing dates should be place on the storage conditions, based on the storage location is maintained.