Sales Channels

We are a role model for many distributors in Turkey with over 15 years of experience and the success of our team working in this field. We continue our operation in both offline and online channels.

Offline Channel

We provide services to pharmacies, chains of perfumery stores, local perfumeries, wholesale customers with the offline channel team. We visit approximately 30,000 customers today with this channel.

Online Channel

We provide services in all electronic commerce channels that operate both directly and through the online channel. With our specialized sales, operations and online team, we adapt to the developing e-commerce channel in the fastest way and provide specialized services in price, promotion, product and supply operations in order to provide the best experience to the consumer at this point.

Our Business Model


Supply Chain Management

The demand and supply processes of the products are planned with all the details jointly with the special monitoring systems used. All products are delivered to the customers in the sales channels we work with through logistics operations which are performed in a professional manner.



The sales team working with a modern business approach in the age of mobile communication, connects to the head office after its receiving orders with hand terminals in the field at every point of Turkey, ensuring that the order is instantly displayed in the warehouse, thus providing the customer with a minimum error rate within 24 hours.


Planning and Reporting

We organize the display screens where our business partners can see their data transparently. The reports are designed considering Brand-Channel priorities and Company expectations. Turnover-target, penetration, performance and stock efficiency reports are prepared according to the needs in channel, brand, product breakdown and they are published in daily-weekly-monthly periods.


Brand Management

Gerçek Kozmetik utilizes the development opportunities with all the details, and always welcomes new cooperations with excitement and passion based on the strategies it has determined and the developing structure of the trade.