Our Quality Policies

Our Quality Policies:

We provide products and services that are sustainable and repeatable which meet the needs and requirements of interested parties, and that are an output of systematic work.

It is a requirement of our system approach to generate and implement a system which complies with the conditions of the quality management system determined by the standards we apply and whose effectiveness is constantly improved.

We act with a risk-based approach and ensure product safety in order to protect the health of users and consumers.

We follow the relevant legislation and use it as an input in the quality planning process in order to meet the legal requirements of the relevant country and region of the products which we produce and trade. 

Our Environment Policy:

The essential condition of global sustainability is to deliver the environment to future generations in the most suitable form.

As an indicator of the importance we attach to this matter, we act with an awareness of environmental protection which we have determined in line with our environmental objectives in all our activities and products.

Our basic management approach is to analyze our impacts on the environment and at all times to aim for the better in this regard, to increase and develop environmental opportunities, and to continuously improve the environmental management system.

Compliance with environmental legislation is our essential principle red line.